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Clients want to be loved by consumers and we
love beING & CREATING part of thiER journeyS.



We love creating exciting concepts and creative environments for brands and organisations to engage with consumers.

Communication is essential and we create campaigns based on the client’s requirements, we combine on line and off line marketing and pride ourselves on the delivery of countless successful campaigns.   

We work with various agencies across the UK and Europe to provide the platform and do the leg work.

Elements not only hosts events and festivals but we work with hundreds of events across the UK.



Event Sponsorship

We work with numerous brands to secure prestigious sponsorship on events and festivals. 
This kind of marketing is a powerful way to achieve large media coverage for brands and products. 

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Product Distribution and Sampling

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We work with brands to offer solutions for distribution of products and samples to selected markets and target audiences


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Printed Material Display Units 


We have 80 display units across the city and county of Nottinghamshire.

Our distribution plays a huge part in getting information to some of the 32 Million visitors each year. 




Experiential Marketing

We love to work with brands to develop marketing strategies that engages consumers. Immersing the consumer in a creative experience is a powerful and effective tool for brands to promote products and services.

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Product Placement and Exhibition Demonstrations

We work with brands to ensure they are in the right place to display products

Our company can connect brands with ambassadors to increase brand awareness and sales.

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Exhibition Setup 

We provide brands and organisations with various options and provide everything from stages to working kitchens and experiential product placement. 

We can also provide professional exhibition staff from sales to security


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Event Management

We work with various UK events and festivals to provide everything from site infrastructure to artist bookings through to marketing strategies  

Our team specialise in providing commercial options for events from sponsorship to commercial opportunities